European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology

25 – 26 August 2022 in Dresden, Germany

Skelett des Johann Wengemeyer in der ehemaligen Franziskanerkirche in Annaberg-Buchholz.
Burial of Johann Wengemeyer in the former Franciscan Monastery of Annaberg-Buchholz (Erzgebirgskreis). Wengemeyer was killed in May 1514 with a massive blow to the back of his head, probably with an axe, which left a gash in his skull ca. 6 cm wide. His murderers were caught and executed in August 1514 by having their limbs crushed with a cart wheel.  © Landesamt für Archäologie Sachsen

Hinweis für Interessenten und Besucher dieser Webseite aus Deutschland:
Diese Fachtagung ist Forensischen Archäolog:innen und Anthropolog:innen vorbehalten, die persönlich zur Teilnahme eingeladen werden.

On behalf of the Archaeological Heritage Office of Saxony, the German Criminal Investigation Office and the ENFSI SoC Subgroup Forensic Archaeology, we are delighted to invite you to the

10th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology (EMFA)
25 – 26 August 2022
in Dresden, Germany

This tenth scientific meeting will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators who are engaged in Forensic Archaeology and neighboring fields. During the meeting, the current developments and requirements of Forensic Archaeology will be discussed and case studies as well as actual research and developments (in the fields of excavation and documentation methods, anthropology, GIS, geophysics, human taphonomy, geology and pedology, etc.) will be presented. Furthermore, an update on current developments in the ENFSI Scene of Crime Group and its Subgroup Forensic Archaeology will be given.

Covid-19 regulations
Should Covid-19 regulations in August only allow a low maximum number of participants onsite, an online participation option may be provided. This option will be communicated as early as possible, but hopefully this will not be necessary. Please be aware that in order to be able to attend onsite, you probably will need to be fully vaccined or recently recovered from Covid-19 and its variants. If regulations dictate this, it will be checked at the registration desk. Please check all travel regulations regarding Covid-19 shortly before your departure to Dresden.

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